InocuJect is developing a disruptive vaccine delivery platform that can deliver vaccines painlessly and efficiently to the skin.

InocuJect's device is unique in exploiting the known biophysics and biology of the dermis to achieve very high immunization efficiency for many types of antigens, including coded plasmid DNA and mRNA vaccines. It will achieve this with 100 + better immunization efficiency than with traditional needles and syringes.

The technology is based on a prototype developed by Dr. Kobinger in collaboration with the engineering department at the University of Laval in Quebec City. InocuJect acquired this technology and the original IP, and has developed new IP and a working electromechanical prototype.

The design has been based on an initial, purely mechanical, proof-of-concept device that was then refined through a rigorous process of simulation and engineering calculations. This device is now ready for testing by Dr. Kobinger at the Galveston National Laboratory (GNL). Testing will also be done by Dr. John Bell at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

Why InocuJect?

Painless. Disposable. Efficient.

InocuJect's vaccine delivery platform has a number of advantages over traditional needle and syringe injections, including:

  • It is painless and comfortable for the patient.
  • It is more efficient, delivering vaccines with 100 or more times better immunization efficiency.
  • It is less likely to cause adverse events or side effects.
  • It can be used to deliver vaccines to the skin, which is a more optimal location for producing an immune response.
  • It is disposable and inexpensive, making it more affordable for mass vaccination programs.

Backed by Cutting-Edge Science

InocuJect was founded in December 2020 to commercialize 5 years of research by Dr. Gary Kobinger. His research has recently been published in Nature Vaccine.

A novel intradermal tattoo-based injection device enhances the immunogenicity of plasmid DNA vaccines


Veterinary Application

InocuJect will be both a veterinary and human dermal vaccine delivery platform. The veterinary device will be an easy to use, self-actuated, electromechanical, battery powered multi-use device. Each device will be optimized for specific animal vaccination programs.

Professional Administration

The human dermal vaccine device delivery platform is a single-use delivery system that harnesses the natural immune response system in the skin to deliver vaccines in the most efficient way possible. The products will be an easy to use device platform designed to improve assisted/professional administration. We will have proprietary, optimized devices for individual vaccine campaigns whose path to market will be drug device combination products.

Self Vaccination

InocuJect will also eventually enable guided (self-administered) vaccines. The products will target both civilian and military applications and eventually pave the way for self-vaccination in non-clinical settings (home or office).


The Team

InocuJect's team of co-founders has global regulatory expertise between Dr. Kobinger and multiple world-class engineers. InocuJect also has a stellar Scientific Advisory Board and credible Business Advisors.

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